Spring Makeup Trends I’m Loving

26 Apr

Spring is Nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party!!” ~ Robin Williams

Forget pastels.  This Spring is all about COLOR. 

The glossier the better!

 Brightly colored glossy lips are making an appearance.  Deep fuschias, baby pinks and corals.  (Be sure to pair it will a more natural eye and cheek) Expect to see this trend carry through the summer!

Violet is also making a big comeback, on lips and even cheeks this season!   (Again, keep the eye neutral when you’re going with a bolder lip/cheek)  “Violet cheeks?!”  you say.   I know I know – but check it out! 

Stick with a more pink- violet, rather than purple and the results are gorgeous!

And of course, when I think of Spring make up, I think pretty, rosy cheeks.   The key here is to place the blush right on the apples of the cheeks.  Pinks, peaches, even violet as we’ve seen, give cheeks a beautiful healthy flush:


Have a favorite spring makeup trend?  Tell me about it!  makeupbysarahsim@gmail.com


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