Product Review: Loreal Brass Banisher

20 Jul

I recently made a rather spontaneous decision to get some blonde highlights.  (If you know me, you know that these spontaneous hair colorings are not uncommon) 

It’s summer, I’ve got a decent tan, my hair is light brown …  “Summer-time Sarah!”   What could go wrong… right?

Now some of you may also remember, that over the winter my hair was a pretty vibrant red.  So, my beautiful beach blonde highlights?  Turned out a little more like strawberry blonde with a side of brass. 

While browsing the hair color aisle today I noticed a box of “Loreal Brass Banisher”.    *Gasp!*  A new product!  Clearly I had to try it.

The result?  Brassy blonde no more!  It significantly reduced the yellowish tone, and left my highlights looking much more even. 

It smells nice, takes just 5 minutes to process and left my hair super silky. (Not to mention saved me another pricey trip back to the salon)

In short, I give “Loreal Brass Banisher” two happy thumbs up!


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